How to Improve Customer Retention Through Paid Search

Advertising is an excellent way to promote a business and attract new customers. But customer retention should be high up on your list of goals too. The paid search could be the answer when you want to keep your customers and make them excited about every new launch.

You can immediately see the stats and numbers when you advertise online and then measure your success. Trying out traditional and dynamic remarketing can be super exciting for both you as a marketing professional and the returning customers. Here is how to use paid search for customer retention:

Use special offers

Since you already have data on your existing customers, using it to create unique offers could improve customer retention. So if a user interacted with your business or brand in the past, you can take the information you have and display custom ads that could bring them back to your website. There are various types of special offers, depending on the customer profile.

For instance, you could try seasonal offers throughout the year. A search ad with your brand’s name visibly displayed and an offer below is simple but effective. You could offer a back-to-school discount in August and September. You shouldn’t miss the Christmas time either, because if a customer was satisfied with your product in the past, an offer could motivate them to check out your shop and select something for their friends and family.

Start by creating a list of users who view your page around certain holidays. It can help you know users’ preferences. And then schedule an ad especially for them that will pop up around the same event next year.

Eye-catching visuals

Paid ads don’t need to be text-only anymore. Surely, they did look simple and uninspired in the past, but now you can use visuals to make your brand stand out from the competition. You could test out images and videos that advertise your brand. Just make sure the customers know it is your brand right away.

The visuals need to look professional and polished. When a customer who interacts with your brand sees an ad with a familiar logo at the top of the search, they will probably check out the offers, especially if the shopping experience was smooth in the past.

Try out dynamic ads

Facebook dynamic ads are an incredible tool that could find your target audience right away. The ads will appear to users currently interested in your products or services or who have recently checked out your website and profile. Setting up a custom campaign is easy, and you will be done in just a couple of clicks, especially if you already have the promotional material ready. Dynamic ads also have a Custom Audience option. You can choose users who already know about your brand or business, and the ads will show up to them.

If you don’t have a large following on Facebook, you could try another service. Google AdWords offers dynamic ads as well. Once again, you can create custom dynamic ads that will show up to those who have already bought an item from your store. AdWords should automatically pull the most relevant products from your catalog. An ad will display a list of suggestions that could go well with their previous purchase.

Tackle the cart abandonment

Baymard Institute published useful research regarding cart abandonment across different devices. For instance, 69.75% of abandoned carts are on desktop computers, which is quite alarming. But the data for mobile phones and tablets are even more shocking. 85.65% of shopping carts are abandoned on smartphones. Seeing these numbers probably looks terrifying to marketers because the customers were so close to making a purchase, and they opted out of it.

Therefore, figuring out how to tackle cart abandonment successfully is the key here. Using directed ads that promote the products they almost bought usually brings in the results. This tactic can be used on new and returning customers, but it is often more effective with the latter. We could speculate about the reasons for an abandoned cart. However, customers usually decide not to buy a product because of the price. Your ads should address this issue.