4 Myths About Your Clients and Social Media That You Should Forget Right Now

More than half of the world is on various social media platforms, so it is no wonder brands are investing in online marketing. With that said, there are plenty of myths about social media and your potential clients. These misconceptions can negatively influence your marketing strategy. Now is the perfect time to debunk them!

1. Posting only about your business

Being active on social media automatically leads to more interaction with your audience. For instance, Instagram will more likely recommend your content if you film reels or post stories daily. Therefore, you might feel pressured to always be active on social media. But what to do when you don’t have inspiration for a new post? Or do you have nothing exciting to share with your followers regarding your business?

The answer is to start reposting business-related content from other sources or even share videos from influencers in a similar line of work. This way, you will stay active on social media and add a variety to your profile. When you focus solely on your brand, chances are followers might interpret it as a constant promotion. Balancing out the type of content you share is the key here.

2. Using as many hashtags as possible

Hashtags are a tool that can help users discover your business or services. But sometimes, your message might get lost because of a wall of hashtags you include on each post. Instead of writing as many as possible, do a quick research and see the exact number of hashtags you should use for each social media platform.

For instance, if you are active on Instagram, the optimal number of hashtags is 3-5. It does sound impossible, but this amount works. Facebook encourages the use of 2-3 hashtags in a single post. And if you want to grow your reach on TikTok, focus on up to 5 hashtags per video. Of course, choose the hashtags relevant to your business, and the audience should find you.

3. Videos are not attractive to the audience

The fact that Instagram is currently doing everything to encourage users to start creating reels proves that videos are here to stay. Then there is YouTube, with around 2.6 billion active monthly users. Therefore, investing in video content is a must nowadays. After all, consumers would rather see a product in action than just look at the images.

The demographics are in your favor too. If you think your target audience is too old to watch YouTube or TikTok videos, rest assured that 66% of people between the ages of 46 and 55 spend their time enjoying this type of content. Once again, make your video content fun and engaging. You don’t have to strictly shoot high-quality commercials. Instead, allow your followers to get to know your staff and take them behind the scenes.

4. I must reply to comments and DMs right away

While followers appreciate the acknowledgment, you don’t have to respond immediately to every message or comment. There is nothing wrong with taking your time to reply. After all, you are running a business and could lose a lot of time just hanging out on social media and typing.

On the other hand, your customer service should stay on top of questions and inquiries. These need to be addressed as quickly as possible, preferably by email or phone. Customers usually leave important questions on social media when they don’t hear back from customer service. Encourage them to communicate with your buyers because they might be asking about their orders, delivery, products, and much more.