4 Tips to Get More Out of Your Instagram Ads

Advertising on Instagram is an excellent way to find your audience and connect with them. It can boost the visibility of brands of all sizes. But what about brands that are just creating their Instagram profile? Perhaps they are unfamiliar with the ways of gaining more exposure on this platform? Enter Instagram Ads!

If you are thinking about trying out Instagram Ads, don’t go in headfirst. You might be disappointed by the performance right away. It is crucial to get familiar with the way Instagram Ads work and figure out how to get more out of them.

Instagram and marketing: How important is it?

According to Instagram, its ads can reach up to 849.3 million users. That number is super impressive and adds to the overall importance of Instagram marketing. Additionally, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business account every day. Therefore, creating an Instagram marketing strategy is an absolute must nowadays.

Besides Instagram Ads, influencers rule Instagram and set the trends every day. Of course, collaborating with them could be expensive, especially if you are a small brand. But don’t write this option off immediately. Giving Instagram Ads a chance is your best bet at gaining more followers and creating a buzz about your products.

Instagram Ads Tips

1. Stunning visuals

Instagram is currently promoting Reels, so it is clear they are a very visual platform. Therefore, brands should focus on creating eyecatching ads that will make a user stop scrolling and see what the image or video is all about.

Consistency is the key, and finding your visual style can go a long way. It means you should collaborate with a graphic designer and photographer. They can bring your ideas to life and develop a color palette that reflects your brand.

Of course, there are some things you should avoid when designing an ad. Even though it might sound silly, your ad shouldn’t look like you are trying to promote something. Avoid huge blocks of text too. Instead, communicate your message through an image or video only.

2. Create carousels

If you look at your most recent saved Instagram posts, you will probably notice that most of them are carousels. These super informative posts stand out because they provide helpful tips and tricks. And the engagement rate is incredible.

Adding carousels to the list of your content ideas is a must. But don’t forget to catch a user’s attention with the call to action on the first image! It will encourage them to keep swiping and see what the post is about. A carousel should have around ten slides. And motivate your audience to save and share the post too.

3. Take some time to evaluate

Business accounts can give you valuable insight into the performance of your posts and ads. If you have noticed that your current marketing strategy is not delivering the expected results, look at the numbers to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Instagram Ads Manager can come in handy when experimenting with a different type of content. If you notice that you are getting more engagement in your videos, focus on filming Reels and viral content that could bring more audience to your profile.

It is also smart to keep a close eye on your website’s metrics. You should know how much traffic you get from your Instagram profile or ads.

4. Collaborate with micro-influencers

We have already mentioned that influencers are a huge part of Instagram. The famous names are almost impossible to recruit, especially if you are a smaller brand. However, micro-influencers are equally important. Focus your efforts on building relationships with well-known influencers within your niche who don’t have millions of followers just yet.

And how do you find the right influencers for your brand? Start by looking for people who like to engage with their audience. It means they have a trusting relationship, and the followers will be more likely to check out a featured product on an influencer’s page. Influencers who are very relatable could bring you more visitors than someone with an enormous following. If collaboration is going well, your metrics should be going up.