4 Ways to Get Sales on Shopify and Boost Your Conversion Rates

Shopify revolutionized the world of online shopping because it allowed businesses of all sizes to use this platform and reach customers around the globe. But competition can affect the success of a store. Luckily, different strategies can help anyone get more sales on Shopify.

If you have detected that your store’s conversion rates are dropping, it is time for a change. So let’s talk about some of the best ways to boost your conversion rates right away!

1. Connect with your audience

Today, customers are looking for more than just discounts and promo codes. They want to get to know you and your brand better. Therefore, doing your best to stand out from the competition by connecting with your audience is the key.

Giving a detailed description of each of your products is valuable too. The audience will appreciate your dedication to the brand and see that you believe in your products or services. Furthermore, future customers should feel connected to the brand on another level and realize the value of making their purchase.

About Us page is important, so don’t overlook it. Set it up in an engaging way and add more information about the people behind your brand. Product pages are crucial too! You can add a basic description, but perhaps your customers want to know the benefits of the product they are interested in. And also mention how it is made. All these tiny details can boost your conversion rates tremendously.

2. Don’t complicate the checkout process

There is nothing worse for a Shopify seller than an abandoned cart. Some customers say they cancel their order when they see shipping fees. However, 28% of them claim they are put off by a confusing checkout process. And what is the solution for this? Make the checkout as straightforward as possible.

If your conversion rate drops during the checkout process, you have to do something as soon as possible. Luckily, Shopify already has all the tools to streamline the user experience right away. Online shoppers don’t have the time to fill out multiple forms to make a single order. Make sure you ask just the basics.

Then you can implement the ability for them to log in with their existing Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts. Visual shoppers would also appreciate a progress bar at the top of the page to keep track of the checkout process. Finally, consider adding instant checkout. It is super fast since the customers will be redirected to the checkout right away.

3. Careful with the popups

Popups can be convenient, but bad timing will drive potential customers away. They can do wonders for your conversion rate if you have a good strategy. First of all, your popups should be attractive and go with the overall theme of your Shopify store.

Then you have to think about the content of the popup. You need to give something to your customer that could make them interested in your store even more. Consider free shipping or discount codes, especially for first-time shoppers. And always add a call to action. Don’t forget to keep things as simple as possible. Offer only one thing at a time because too much text on a popup is very uninviting.

4. Create a luxurious online shopping experience

Online shopping became a norm during the global pandemic, but some users still prefer to go to physical stores. However, you can create that same experience on Shopify with the help of various tools and media. Don’t be afraid to explore Shopify apps and experiment with all available features.

Visual people appreciate videos that showcase each product in your shop. These should be both informative and well-made. For instance, you can start by listing all the benefits of purchasing your product. Want to go even further? Then add fun little how-to snippets or even how to style your items if you are selling clothes, accessories, and footwear.

For indecisive shoppers, you can add a comparison chart. Once again, Shopify has an app for that. You may list similar products side by side and show your potential customers why your item is more valuable or useful.