Why Sales and Marketing Need Each Other

Sales and marketing departments are equally important for every business out there. Each has different responsibilities, but their goals are the same – growing a company. With that said, it is a shame that some businesses keep these departments separate because they really need each other to succeed.

However, the departments could point fingers at one another when things don’t go their way, and it can create an unhealthy atmosphere within a company. Therefore, sales and marketing need to accept each other and join forces because their collaboration could be the key to success.

If you are still on the fence, here is a list of reasons why sales and marketing should work together:

1. You will know exactly who the target audience is

Even though sales and marketing are in direct contact with the customers, sharing knowledge could help the marketing team create more elaborate future marketing strategies. The sales team could provide information about why a customer decided to make a purchase and much more. It can influence marketing campaigns and significantly increase the number of conversions.

But the marketing team can also provide some help to the sales team. The content will improve, and as a result, the quality of the buying experience will increase. So if you are struggling to get an accurate description of your buyer’s persona, encourage the sales and marketing teams to exchange the data. 

2. You will crush the competition

Marketing teams are out there, keeping a close eye on the competition. They note each change made to the fellow competitor’s website or social media profiles. It means the marketing knows the latest trends in the industry and how you can improve your business.

But they will need the sales team to stay ahead of the competition successfully. Marketing can provide the sales with various tactics they have noticed and how they can use them to their advantage. Furthermore, this communication can lead to outstanding content your customers and audience will love.

3. You will understand what attracts customers

As previously mentioned, the sales team is always in contact with the customers. Therefore, the information they have about clients could be of value to marketers. After all, the sales will know what attracts customers to your business and the reasons behind each of their purchases.

The sales team has a unique insight into where customers discovered your business, what caught their attention, and how much they knew about your company before making a purchase. Also, reading customer feedback and emails could do wonders for your future marketing campaigns. One survey uncovered that 66% of customers prefer businesses that address their needs. A marketer can understand what your customer wants and come up with a solution to their issues.

4. You will improve the customer experience

65% of consumers claim that a great customer experience is better than any advertising. To be familiar with what your customers expect from your business, the communication between marketing and sales teams needs to be impeccable. Sometimes, both teams would be working on the same task and end up wasting precious time.

Customer experience can be improved through social media content as well. The sales team could provide marketers with the list of received complaints, and they could address them through various outlets. It is yet another way to show the customers you care about their opinions and want to upgrade the overall customer experience for everyone.

5. You will create a better work environment

Finally, we have to note you create a better and healthier work environment by encouraging collaboration between these two teams. People who wouldn’t interact otherwise will build stronger connections, and friendships will be born. It can do wonders when working towards the same goal.

Your customers will probably notice a change through the campaigns and the shared content. Furthermore, the communication could help each team to focus on the best-qualified leads. All these are proof that marketing and sales can become a well-synchronized team working as one.

What happens when marketing and sales are not working together?

You might be wondering what happens when marketing and sales are not collaborating. One of the main drawbacks is not sharing the same goals, which can lead to unnecessarily strained relations. Additionally, the quality of the content might decrease because marketers won’t know if it is successful or not.

It might lead to a complete disconnect with the target audience because the marketing team won’t be familiar with their needs, feedback, or comments. Aligning these teams should boost the efficiency of both departments, and it will be evident in the results of their collaboration.