6 Email Marketing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe In

There are many myths and misconceptions regarding the world of email marketing. It has been around for so long that these false notions could appear as facts to many. If you decide to believe in them, your marketing strategy might not reach its full potential.

Let’s expose the truth and improve all your future email campaigns:

Email marketing is out-of-date

Social media seems to rule the marketing world at the moment, but that doesn’t mean email marketing is gone. This myth has been on repeat since the 2000s. Yet email is still one of the favorite tools for marketers worldwide. And the best part is – almost everyone uses email.

In 2019, there were 3.8 billion email accounts globally. Millennials spend the most time reading their emails, and 89% of internet users in the United States check their emails daily. All these numbers prove that email marketing is still valuable and worth your time as a marketer. You should adjust the current marketing strategy if you do not see the desired results from the emails.

You need to send an email at the perfect time

No, there isn’t an ideal time for sending emails. The timing won’t increase the open rate or skyrocket the conversions. Even though marketers have been trying to pinpoint the best email schedule for years, they are not close to the answer. Of course, you can’t expect someone to open marketing emails in the middle of their workday. But again, many of us check our inboxes on lunch breaks.

It all comes down to the brand itself. What you should do is measure the engagement throughout the week. Play around with sending several emails and write down the time and numbers. Then repeat the same thing next week and see if the number will change. While there is no universal formula to the perfect timing, you can still find the one that works for you.

Don’t resend emails

According to Mailchimp, the average open rate for emails is 21.33%. This number suggests not everyone will see or notice your message in their inbox. Perhaps they were busy and just glanced at the subject. Or maybe they deleted the email before reading it. Even though it could be disappointing, this allows you to resend the same email at a different time. Of course, don’t make it a habit. But it is perfectly okay to deliver the same content when you want to boost engagement.

You should follow some rules when sending an identical email twice. The most obvious one is not to resend on the same day. It is spammy and probably won’t be appreciated by most