6 Simple Ways to Get More From the Content You’ve Already Written

If you’ve been into digital marketing and content creation for a while now, chances are you have a lot of material just there, existing in the vastness of the internet. Surely, marketing strategies come and go, and as a result, high-quality content is lost somewhere in the history of your blog or website.

But there are different ways to give the old content a new life and drive traffic to your website almost effortlessly. Here is how to get started:

1. Update the evergreen content

The evergreen content is always popular as it offers basic knowledge on various topics. These articles are probably still attracting visitors to your website, but the numbers could be low, especially if the text is a bit old and outdated. And what should you do to make the evergreen content relevant again? Revise and update! Adding more current data can do wonders for an old article. Furthermore, remember to point out that the text now features the latest information, preferably near the title or the top of the page.

2. Convert videos and podcasts into text

This one might not be suitable for everyone, but if you are a video content creator or a podcast host, consider turning your audio or video files into blog posts. After all, you have done all the research and thoroughly covered a topic. Why not include it in your blog in written form? While you can use software to transcribe your audio and video files, go through the text before you publish it. No matter how great AI is at the moment, transcriptions still need a human editor to pick up on mistakes. Plus, you can format the text to fit the style of your blog as you check for errors.

3. Blogging on Instagram? Yes, it is a thing!

We all know Instagram as a pretty visual social media platform, especially now when they are pushing reels and trying to introduce even more content options. But most Instagram users don’t just mindlessly scroll through the feed. They want to read something inspiring and educational. Therefore, you can take your old blog post and turn it into an interesting caption. Don’t use the identical format. Instead, identify the main points by highlighting snippets. Also, don’t forget to insert emojis to make your tiny Instagram blog post more social media friendly.

4. Turn your posts into an eBook

Okay, this one might require extra work, but hear us out. Your blog posts and content usually revolve around several similar topics. Since they are probably well researched, with all the necessary quotations and sources, how about you turn them into an eBook? You can edit certain parts and include more data on the topic, but try to keep it as simple as possible. Remember to write a quick introduction, as well as a conclusion, since it is an eBook, after all. Then offer it as a free download, or send it out to all new newsletter subscribers as a freebie.

5. Design an infographic

If you’ve spent some time on Pinterest, you know how popular and shareable infographics are. Blog posts featuring statistics and numbers can be easily transformed into one and shared across your social media. Those who lack confidence in their graphic design skills could use a tool like Canva. Otherwise, do your best to make your infographic visually appealing, attractive, and easy to read. Furthermore, add a link to your blog post somewhere. For example, you can hyperlink the post and include the link in the infographic.  

6. Create a Pinterest board

If your blog or social media profile features photos, infographics, or other visual content, consider creating a Pinterest board. For instance, if you have a blog post that explains how to build a rustic shelf for your plant pots, use the same images on Pinterest, and drive more audience to your website. You will get bonus points from the readers if you give clear instructions. Visually appealing content can benefit from the magic of Pinterest. And remember that a neat profile with multiple boards can do wonders for your website. Be informative, educational, and inspiring on Pinterest – you will see the difference.