7 Ways To Escape A Creative Rut

No Inspiration? Here’s How To Rekindle Your Creativity

The creative process is impossible to map out, and that could be frustrating when staring at a blank piece of paper, canvas, or even a computer screen. But sometimes, all you need is a single idea to get the creative juices flowing. And how do we get there? Here are some ways to spark your creativity:

1. Search for the inspiration

Creating something unique and original sometimes requires being inspired by an image, a song, a passage from a book, or something completely random. Nowadays, we can kickstart our artistry with the help of various apps, such as Pinterest, Instagram, or even a search engine like Google. But every time you look for a specific image, you will be sucked into an adventure. For instance, Pinterest tags can lead you in a completely different direction and help you discover a source of inspiration and various techniques you can try and master.

2. Watch inspiring videos

From TED Talks to interviews with artists, there are many ways to learn from the best and look at their creative processes. Remember that no one is the same, and you should always add some of your individuality to everything you create. TED Talk has a whole series on creativity, so that is an excellent place to start. Furthermore, search for your favorite artists online and see what they say about creativity. One of the best examples is the best-selling author, Stephen King, whose book On Writing is usually the first stop for many writers, regardless of the genre they are interested in.

3. Draw and play with colors

Most of us used to doodle all the time. Open your school books and notebooks (if you still have them), and you will find lots of drawings. So why don’t you give it a go again? Find a pocket-sized notebook that can go with you anywhere, and just draw when you have time. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed during lunch break, practice drawing different characters, expressions, etc. Also, consider getting an adult coloring book. These are not only useful for lowering anxiety but will also help you understand which colors work together.

4. Try DIY projects

Even if you don’t have the inspiration to come up with something on your own, the best way to get there is to work on your creativity every day. Don’t have any ideas? No problem! There are plenty of DIY projects you can immerse yourself in daily. Make a succulent stone garden, put together a 3D greeting card, or paint plant pots in loud colors – there are so many fun projects to choose from online.

5. Find support

Are you a writer going through a complete block right now? If the answer is yes, it might be the perfect time to join a writing group. You can find these clubs both online and offline. Therefore, you don’t have an excuse for not joining in. A writing group can be a great source of inspiration and help you become a better writer through honest feedback. If you don’t know where to start, check out Reddit or Facebook. And remember that you don’t have to share your work to be a member. You are free to introduce yourself as a writer when you feel like it.

6. Perfect doesn’t exist

The myth of perfection can hurt someone’s creativity. No artist is capable of making a masterpiece after only one try. It is all about failing and learning how to start again. But if we obsess about immediate success, we will likely feel anxiety or even fear. This emotion could make you stop creating altogether. So forget about perfection and set achievable goals. When you cross them off your to-do list daily, you will feel your confidence growing.  

7. Make a change in your daily routine

Don’t worry – we are not suggesting anything drastic. But you can start making new daily habits that will help you reconnect with your creative side. How about unplugging for a couple of hours and going for a walk around your neighborhood? It can make you more focused and provide you with fresh ideas. Or maybe planning a new route to your work that will take you through a different part of the city? The unpredictability and new buildings around you could be precisely what you need at the moment.