Facebook and Google Ads – The Keys to Small Business Paid Search

Running a business or brand often mean you need to advertise online. An online marketing strategy often includes advertising either on Facebook or Google. These two companies dominate the world of advertising thanks to the various tools they offer and the number of users. For instance, Google is used by 4 billion people every month! Impressive, right?

Large businesses have large budgets. Therefore, their marketing strategies will be completely different from the ones of small businesses. Facebook and Google ads could be valuable allies to all small business owners in terms of marketing. So let’s see how to make Facebook and Google ads work for you!

Start with the budget

Determining how much you can spend on a marketing campaign is a must. Remember that you need to think long-term. Your campaign won’t last for one week or a month. The goal is to create a presence and reach your target audience. And sometimes, it will take some time to see the numbers increase.

Speaking of numbers and statistics, you have to set your brand’s goals. What are you planning to achieve with your marketing campaign? How will Facebook and Google ads help you along the way? These are all important questions you should answer before you put together your brand new marketing campaign.

Find the audience

This step could take some of your time, but trust us, it is worth it. Let’s start with Facebook, which is trusted by 92% of social marketers. If you already have a presence on this social media website, you are likely familiar with Facebook Business Manager. This feature comes with various tools that can be crucial in finding your target audience. Facebook also offers a simple code to track users who have clicked on your website. Then Facebook will show them targeted ads when they use Facebook.

Google is exceptional in finding the audience through keywords and locations. If you are focusing on SEO, then make sure you do thorough keyword research that will make your website appear in the top results. Those who want to generate more leads within your community could use local ads by Google. This option can do wonders for people who offer services online because their contact information will be displayed on Google.

Joining forces

Both Google and Facebook have unique features, so if your marketing budget allows you to use them together, do it. Facebook is often the source of personal recommendations by family members, fellow users, and influencers. Speaking of influencers, 61% of consumers trust their opinion and would buy a product mentioned by them.

Furthermore, once they see a product they like, prospects might turn to Google to read reviews, search for blog posts, see the ratings, etc. Using both services can do wonders for the conversion and introduce your brand to more people than ever before. It is clear why they go well together.

Mastering the available tools

Google and Facebook advertising has the same goal, but you should learn about each platform and how to use it separately. Don’t worry – it is not impossible to get familiar with all the tools you plan on including in your marketing strategy. Remember that both platforms will deliver you analytics that could help you adjust your strategy accordingly and crush those goals.

When a user looks up a business on Facebook, they land on their profile. Various features allow you to customize the page and add details you find important. But Facebook is a community, and your current and future followers will value sharing real stories and images of your satisfied customers. Be personable, approachable, and a part of the group.

Google has a slightly different advertising approach, but it is equally effective. As we previously mentioned, they are driven by keywords and location. If a person is searching for delicious pizza in your area, your pizza place might appear at the top of the list through paid ads. Also, maintain excellent reviews because they can also influence the ranking.