PR Consultancy is about three things: teamwork, creativity, and data.

From social media strategy and search engine optimization to PR campaigns and crisis management – our team will be there every step of the way. Together, we will find your voice, tell your story, and build brand awareness for your business.

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We are firm believers in the power of storytelling

A good story will breathe life into your brand. It will add emotion, encompass your values, and help you create an image that people will relate to.

Measured risks might be the solution you’re looking for

Letting your creativity soar, coming up with outrageous ideas, and then backing them with data is a recipe for success – and we have an Excel sheet to prove it.

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Harold Kilpatrick

Marketing coordinator

Guy Reed

Marketing coordinator

Rugy Zazec

Marketing coordinator

Tom Steph

Marketing coordinator

Grete Sadd

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Gabbie Vyshnevska

Marketing Coordinator

Ulrike Niemann

Content Marketing Specialist