How Can A Blockchain PR Agency Help Your Project?

Blockchain has become quite the buzzword lately, especially in the world of digital currencies and blockchain-based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. But blockchain technology can also be used in other fields, such as real estate and energy.

There are so many uses for this innovative concept that even big companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM are starting to partner with blockchain startups to further develop the technology. However, if you’re thinking about launching your own blockchain project, it’s important to understand that you might need more than just capital and some innovative coding skills to make it successful and need to know what a blockchain PR agency can help you with.

1) Provide reliable information

Information is central to all blockchain transactions. If a person, business, or organization wants to make transactions using blockchains, they need some way of verifying who they’re doing business with and whether their coins are authentic.

All too often, it can be extremely difficult for individuals who are new to crypto to ascertain whether someone has been honest about their credentials or for organizations that aren’t listed on major exchanges to verify that their partners aren’t scamming them.

When you work with an experienced blockchain pr agency, you have access to experts who can help you craft a message that will appeal to your target audience and provide them with clear instructions on how they can learn more and participate in your project.

2) Build relationships

Many organizations come to a blockchain agency to promote their project, but it’s equally important to have a strong foundation of relationships. Public relations and marketing are all about connecting people, so if you have no existing connections with major publications or social media influencers, it’ll be much harder for your project to succeed.

Find out who influences your industry, whether they’re journalists or bloggers, or social media personalities. The more connections you have—whether they’re direct connections or someone who knows someone—the easier it will be for your agency to get stories published about your project.

3) Build trust

The public’s trust in new blockchain projects is incredibly important. For example, if someone plans to invest in your ICO, you want to ensure they have confidence in your product. Consumers and investors should be able to trust that everything that you say about your product is true.

Communicating transparently will allow you to gain the public’s trust and increase people’s confidence in your business. However, sometimes being vague can help build even more hype around your project.

When should you be vague, and when should you tell everything? It all depends on what goal you are trying to achieve for yourself and your company/organization as a whole.

4) Change perspectives

Rather than just promoting your project or product to investors, try changing your perspective. Instead of making a hard sell, think about why you’re passionate about what you’re doing and how blockchain can improve people’s lives somehow.

Think about how it could solve an everyday problem that everyone faces — such as fraud. Once you know who you’re talking to and what their struggles are, then you can work on explaining how blockchain can be beneficial to them.

5) Educate your audience

When considering how can a blockchain PR agency help your project, one of the first considerations you need to make is that for it to be successful, there needs to be a demand for it, so, if you want people to invest in cryptocurrencies or your ICO, then you will have to educate them on what they stand to gain by investing.

First and foremost among those benefits will be financial gains (no doubt), but there are also other significant gains, including improved transparency and reduced costs. You’ll find that as long as you can clearly outline these benefits, demand will follow, and so will investment.

6) Influence key players in the blockchain community

Firstly, a blockchain agency can help you reach out to influential individuals in the blockchain community and target key players in your niche. These are important people to connect with as they sway over how many others within their sphere of influence view your project.

Connecting with them will get you some much-needed attention from social media influencers, journalists, potential investors, and even potential employees! Sometimes it’s not enough to be great at what you do – being seen by those who make things happen is often what separates a good project from a successful one.

Communicate your vision effectively: Once we’ve identified all of these key players that influence your project, we’ll work with you to craft concise messages that resonate with their audiences.

7) Leverage social media channels

The most effective way to gain visibility for a blockchain company is via social media, but using these channels well can be challenging. Typically, when someone first decides to start following you on Facebook or Twitter (assuming you have a following), they don’t know who you are and what you do.

It’s up to your social media manager to introduce your brand in an intriguing way that convinces followers that they should follow along with your posts. You should always try new things on social media and test out different content types – ultimately, what works best will vary based on your company’s unique needs.

8) Create high-quality content that serves your needs

There are three primary ways that a blockchain agency can help with your ICO or any blockchain project for that matter.

First and foremost, you will want to ensure that your website is optimized for SEO. This means it should be easily searchable by all relevant people or bots looking for information about your company or its products.

If your company does not have a website, then you are severely limiting both visibility and investor access to information about your brand. Make sure it contains all of the relevant keywords related to your organization so people can find it easily when they search on Google or some other similar service.

The more accessible and frequently found by potential investors (or customers), the higher you rank on lists of ICOs, which translates into increased exposure and credibility.

9) Use their resources for an effective PR campaign

The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is pretty small. That’s exciting because it means that you get to work with people who are as passionate about blockchain development as you are. But, because of that very same reason, competition is fierce, and everyone wants a bigger piece of the pie.

10) Measure the success of your project

As with any business venture, it’s important to set goals and measures of success early on. Enlisting your team as you flesh out your project goals is a great idea, so everyone knows how success will be defined. Who or what will be measured to show growth or decline?

Examples could include: Traffic: How many unique visitors are coming in from search results, social media sites, and referrals; increased visits from specific locations; overall time spent on site; bounce rate (how many people only visit one page before leaving); view rate (time spent reading an individual page); conversion rates (how many people take the desired action such as signing up for a newsletter).


A Blockchain PR agency can help your project by providing expert advice on how to effectively communicate your message across different channels and with various audiences (e.g., journalists, bloggers, investors, etc.