How Can Public Relations Fuel Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing includes a wide scope of activities from researching topics, creating content, and finding ways to get that content seen and heard across digital outlets. Whether you’ve just put together an eBook, an infographic, or just a new blog post, the challenge is always the same  – how to boost your content marketing in a sea of competitors? 

Many marketers don’t consider that some Public Relations strategies can significantly boost your content exposure. Here are some of the best PR strategies that can boost your content marketing success:

1 Build a Media Database and Research Editorial Calendars

Building a media database is a common PR task that will come in handy when dealing with content marketing. Start by creating a database that includes all blogs and publications relevant to your market. Dig deeper to find data such as the name of the outlet and the organization, contact details (phone and email), as well as social media links, and any other information you can find. Keep these contacts organized in the marketing CRM system. While you’re at it, look for editorial calendars provided by traditional print publications in your market. This will help you find relevant topics to use in your upcoming campaigns.

2 Pitch Your Story to Relevant Media Contacts

Once the media database is ready, use your PR skills to pitch the content to those media contacts. The editorial calendars will help you find relevant topics that you can pitch to specific digital outlets. Make sure to craft customized pitches for each outlet and use a personalized approach to increase your chances of landing an opportunity. It might take time to hear back from a publication but the more pitches you send out, the greater your chances of success.

3 Identify New Article and Guest Post Opportunities

Besides pitching your eBooks and other pre-made content materials, consider offering to write guest posts for reputable media outlets. Many top-notch publications often accept third party posts, as long as they match their specific requirements. Thus, before putting together an entire post and hoping it gets accepted, pitch your topic idea to the editors and ask questions about their specific requirements to grab their attention. Once your topic is approved, make sure the guest post is aligned with the rest of the publication’s content. If you leave a good impression, you might even be asked to come back and write for them again. Keep in mind that guest post articles are a great opportunity to link back to your own resources, as long as the publication allows so.

4 Reach Out to Influencers

One of the common items you will find on the to-do list of a PR manager is contacting influencers. This should also be a recurring activity on any content marketer’s task list. Influencers can play an enormous role in boosting your content marketing success. If you manage to find reputable influencers in your niche, create a database with their contact information. Reach out only to those influencers who would find your content relevant to their life/business. This strategy could put you in a favorable position if you manage to create a deal with the right influencer. 

5 Pursue Public Speaking Event Opportunities

Finally, consider jumping on public speaking opportunities more often to promote your content and social media outlets. Even though in-person public speaking events are currently frowned upon because of the pandemic, there are plenty of online webinars where you can speak to thousands of people around the world. Look for events in your industry or organizations willing to put together something similar to provide a platform for further marketing and engagement. 

Use the Right PR Strategies to Boost Content Marketing

If you’ve never considered using PR strategies for content marketing, this idea could revolutionize the way you position your content. By building more platforms through public speaking events and guest posts, you can showcase your content and credibility to the right audience. That way, you will also spark an interest in what you offer and get people to start looking for you on different social media outlets. 

After all, establishing this level of online presence is the end-goal of content marketing. All of this goes to show how useful PR strategies can be in boosting your content marketing efforts. As long as you’re consistently working on pushing your content out there, the results will build up in the long run.