How to Scale Up Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

All businesses, no matter how big or small, can benefit from a great affiliate marketing campaign. It is an excellent way to reach a broader audience and make people interested in your product or services. Plus, a well-planned affiliate marketing campaign can increase visibility and make other influencers reach out to you.

But what to do once your affiliate marketing campaign reaches its goals? Of course, it is time to scale it up. Keeping your campaign as it is could lead to a bunch of missed opportunities. On the other hand, overextending it could do damage to your business. Therefore, finding the best way to scale up your campaign is a must.

While you can think out of the box and try new things, the following steps are the building blocks of a great affiliate marketing campaign. So make sure you include them in your scale-up!

Tiny Improvements

Scaling up shouldn’t be a sudden move. Instead, start with optimizing. It includes minor changes that improve various aspects of your affiliate marketing campaign. Consider brainstorming a brand new ad campaign for social media and testing it out on Instagram to see the response it will get.

Talk to your copywriting team and see what they can do in terms of new content, as well as headlines. Most importantly, double-check that your webpage looks good on mobile devices after all those changes. It is also clever to set the goals right away and understand them too.

Increase the Budget

The quickest way to scale up a marketing campaign is to invest more money into it. Better finances will immediately influence all sources of traffic. At first, observe the active campaigns on all social platforms and rank them by success. The numbers will tell which ones are worth the investment.

If you are unsure what to do with a bigger budget, Facebook and Instagram ads are the place to start. You can spend more money on social media campaigns, increasing your brand’s presence. Ad placements are essential, too, so invest in better ones for more visibility. 

Know Your Competition

Do thorough research on your direct competitors. After all, you are going head to head in reaching out to the potential affiliates and the number of sales. Start by learning their commission rates and compare them with yours. Inspect the quality of the product or services they are offering and how they are different from yours.

Finally, try to find out how personable your competition is. Are those brands pleasant to work with? What do they require from the affiliates? These details can help you shape the direction of your affiliate marketing campaign and make it a success.

Find the Right Affiliates

Once you decide to scale up your affiliate marketing campaign, you need to start thinking about expanding the affiliates’ list. This part of the process could be time-consuming because you have to constantly look for the right people to represent your brand correctly.

You could speed up the process by using an affiliate program that lets you discover the affiliates interested in your product. A keyword search is another method of finding new partners. Also, think about creating a schedule that will make you more efficient in reaching out to the right people who can market your brand to their audience.


Small-scale marketing campaigns often have a handful of affiliates that generate the majority of traffic to a webpage. But scaling up also means adding more diversity. Be very hands-on with the campaign and include more subpages, coupons, discounts, and so on.

Additionally, do your best to reach more people. It might include contacting potential affiliates that are huge influencers. You need to be persistent because they might not see your email right away. It doesn’t mean those influencers don’t want to work with you. After all, they could be too busy. Don’t hesitate to send them several messages, but avoid spamming.

Watch the Metrics

Tracking and analyzing the metrics is a must when scaling up your campaign. Those numbers can uncover a lot of valuable data that could help you out in the future. So before you recruit an affiliate or a partner, let them know you expect them to provide you with the metrics.

The metrics can bring your marketing campaign to a whole new level because you will understand what content attracts the audience. Not to forget that you can compare your affiliates to learn which one of them is the most successful in bringing traffic to your website or social media profiles.