How to Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool for Your Brand

Pinterest marketing can be one of the best tools for the growth of your business. It has been booming, especially in recent years, thanks to its innovative approach, sleek design, user-friendliness, and lovely branding. Business owners have realized the potential this website has to drive more traffic to their website, so Pinterest has become a must-have in every digital marketing strategy. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why you should consider using Pinterest to boost your sales, but also how to achieve the said goal. Let’s start.

Why Should You Use Pinterest?

Pinterest is the fourth most popular social network in the US, putting it in front of giants like Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. Here are some other interesting stats and information about Pinterest that will convince you to include it in your marketing strategy.

  • Pinterest is the 4th largest social media network in the US
  • It has a massive database of monthly users
  • Visual searching has been on the rise in recent years
  • Users also use Pinterest for shopping

Tips for Using Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

As we’ve seen so far, Pinterest has a massive marketing potential because of its unique design and purpose, but also because it has a very loyal user base. It’s no longer a question of whether you should use it to improve your online presence, but instead, how can you use it best to achieve the biggest results. We’re here to help by sharing some useful Pinterest marketing tips that will boost your sales:

  1. Use It for Content Distribution

Pinterest is a visual network, and a vast majority of Pinners use it to share and save photos. However, you can also use it for content distribution. If you have some content you’d like to share, you can create an immersive featured image and link your posts to the image. Create one or more Pinterest boards and invite your customers to join your boards. You can organize the categories by different stories, concepts, themes, ideas, or plans. Just be creative, fun, and approachable.

  1. Build a Loyal Community

Building a community will let you reach a like-minded audience in a more efficient and organized way. This can become a very good place to share your thoughts, concepts, or products. And, you’re targeting the correct audience without having to tweak any ad settings.

  1. Create Immersive Content

Don’t be plain and boring. The whole point of Pinterest is to do and find something innovative that’s aesthetically pleasing but also innovative. And, as this social network is growing, there’s more and more competition ready to take a piece of that cake. So, you should make your content stand out as much as possible. Use eye-catching elements, mix fonts, and create a cohesive color story. Always observe your competitors and try to outdo them.

  1. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success. If you’re at the beginning stages and your boards don’t have a large following yet, it can be more difficult to continue and easier to give up. However, instead of giving up and leaving your Pinterest account alone, you should post as much as possible instead to get in the good graces of Pinterest’s algorithm. Create a detailed posting schedule and follow it.

  1. Don’t Forget About Pinterest SEO

Even though Pinterest is like a visual search engine, that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply and use SEO principles in your Pinterest marketing strategy. Make sure to do keyword research for the topic you’re aiming to rank for, and include ranking keywords in your alt tags, company names, board names, pin names, as well as descriptions. This will drive more traffic to your Pinterest profile and boost sales.

As you can see, Pinterest is a very powerful marketing tool with a lot of selling potential if you know how to use it properly. Even though it’s often overlooked, that doesn’t mean that it’s not effective. Plus, because it’s frequently overlooked, it will give you a great platform to share content and connect with your customers.