Marketing Strategies: How to Catch the Eyes of Gen Z Consumers?

The buying power shifts between generations at some point in time, and if you want to grab that potential, your marketing strategy should focus on generation Z. This new generation, born between 1995 to 2010, is curious, looking for answers, entertainment, truth, however, it’s easier to lose their interest in your brand than previous generations.

It is the first generation to be completely engulfed in social media, and apart from this, they also had to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic. Apart from being more attached to their mobile devices and social media, they still want to find out who they are and thus are attracted to influencers or other people held in high esteem.

How Do You Attract Generation Z Customers?

Generation Z is nicknamed “digital natives,” so it’s easy to understand why digital marketing is the key to get their attention. Social media usage is essential for brands to market their products as most Gen Z members love to scroll the internet. Video marketing is also important, but before you do anything, consider this: Gen Z’s average attention span is estimated to be at only 8 secs!

This means that regardless of your promotional strategy, you should make your content very entertaining from the get-go, and within that time frame, tell them exactly why they should watch your video or read your text.

Gen Z Have High Expectations – They Are Justice Warriors

Consider this; we live in a time where anyone can share their opinion worldwide. Since most young people are still discovering who they are, they tend to admire people who already have a well-established personality and point of view.

Marketing through Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram, is essential to increase your brand awareness for the Gen Z audience. Marketing campaigns should also focus on creating content often on social media platforms to attract the attention of young consumers on a regular basis.

To build brand loyalty, consider that most brands stand out since their content has a certain level of creativity that generation Z loves! Consider marketing your products by contacting well-established influencers, youtube video creators, and even try to post Instagram stories since gen zers love transparency!

How Can Brands and Firms Connect With Gen Z Consumers?

Generation Z is the most diverse generation, and to increase brand awareness and success; you should consider these things:

  • Be transparent and accountable.
  • Establish brand personality.
  • Be very entertaining and creative.
  • Establish your mission and clear values.

Before marketing to Generation Z, know that you are dealing with a generation that holds the following views:

  • About 60% of Gen Zers believe same-sex couples should have the right to adopt children;
  • The same percentage loves diversity and believe that ethnic diversity is good;
  • About 70% of Gen Zers are more likely to buy from companies that they consider to be more ethical;
  • Most Gen Zers believe that a company has a role in improve society.

If you consider these views for your business and implement them in your marketing efforts, you will see a great rise in your Gen Z customers!

Marketing Strategy to Reach Gen Z

Always create interactive content, especially video content, for your Gen Z customer base. It is also important to create content regularly and be active on multiple social sites. The good news is that video traffic increases drastically for younger consumers since they have a greater tendency to like, share, or subscribe, than older generations.

Ephemeral content might seem like a bad idea. Still, it seems to have worked out for most brands and businesses regarding marketing to Gen Z. Consider using Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook, for quick advertisements.

Talk about the world, how your products help or don’t affect it negatively, technology, or social issues, are also good examples for content, and you will see how Gen Z customers will come with open arms and engage in your advertisements.

How are Gen Z as Consumers?

If you just started your own business and wish to implement marketing strategies for Gen Z, it is only natural to wonder what type of consumers they are. First of all, they are very loyal, especially if your brand is transparent, honest, and accountable.

If you promote safety measures, such as contactless payments, and if you make them feel like they are part of the community, supporting the cause that they care about, then Gen Z consumers will remain loyal to your brand!

How Do Marketers Target Gen Z?

When it comes to Generation Z, the marketing strategies you want to implement to gain their attention should pass some tests. If your marketing tactics tick off one or more of these tips, then you are on the right way of promoting your product to Gen Z consumers:

  • offer personalized content;
  • make them feel unique, communicate with them;
  • what you stand for is what they stand for;
  • provide meaningful content regularly;
  • create events or other fun forms of engagement;
  • embrace diversity and be righteous.