Product Launch: How to Do It Successfully

Do you want to offer more products or services to your audience? Well, before you go any further, you need to know that every product launch requires a detailed plan. After all, you are introducing something brand new and exciting to the world, and it would be a shame if it didn’t make the impact it deserves.

Let’s learn more about successful product launches and all the steps you should take to ensure it is a hit!

What is a product launch?

Product launch is essentially introducing a new product or service to the market. Of course, it is not enough to upload a product to your website and call it a day. Every product launch requires careful planning and preparation.

Your entire company, as well as the audience, need to know about the product before the reveal. If you don’t do it properly, the potential customers might not even know your product exists. To avoid this, you have to do some simple preparations.

How to have a successful product launch

A successful product launch is a mix of developing a high-quality product, announcing it to the public, and doing all the necessary promotion. Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen says that 30,000 new products hit the market every year. Unfortunately, 95% of them are a failure.

Is there a way to prevent this? According to professor Christensen, the problem is poor marketing. If you are about to launch a new product, spend some time with your marketing team and develop the best possible strategy that will make your business seen. Success stories don’t happen overnight, so here is what you can do before the product launch:

Give the users what they need

You have probably done your research and know who your target audience is. However, go a step further and discover what the customers expect from your brand. A quick marketing survey will do wonders for the launch day preparations.

Ask yourself this: Why would a customer be interested in this product? Then go from there. Can your new product improve their lives? Is it valuable to your customers? Once you have these answers, it is the perfect time to start working on your marketing strategy.

Work on the visual identity

First impressions are everything, and this is especially true for websites. Did you know that it takes just 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form an opinion about your website? Having this in mind, it is clear that design and visual identity should be your top priority before a product launch.

Besides having an impeccable website, work on the quality of your content. Prepare different templates for social media platforms that go with the overall theme of the new product. And don’t forget about the written part. Product descriptions should be brief and concise.

Build the excitement

Dropping a product suddenly, without any previous marketing is not recommended. Therefore, you and your marketing team should build excitement before the launch. Your audience will anticipate the drop, meaning the sales will spike on the launch day. So what can you do to promote your product?

The most crucial step is designing a landing page on your website for the product you are promoting. Your marketing team should also put together a short press release. Content for all social media profiles needs to be ready before the launch. And you should make a list of influencers and other industry professionals you wish to collaborate with for this product launch.

Get the influencers on board

Influencers do have the power to make or break a brand. If you are confident in the quality of your product and are eager to share it with the world, influencers can reach even more people and generate sales. Of course, choosing the right people for this job requires research.

You might also focus on micro-influencers (less than 100,000 followers), especially if your brand is new. Just make sure they are working in your niche. Remember that micro-influencers still receive tons of messages every day regarding various collaborations. Your goal should be to present your brand in the best possible way and stand out from your competition.