Why Choose a Digital Marketing Career in 2022

Are you interested in digital marketing and wondering if that is the right career for you? Creative individuals can thrive as digital marketers since it is a field that allows you to learn and expand your knowledge.
The internet completely changed the way we communicate and do business. That switch created brand new job positions and allowed marketers to pursue a different direction. Not to forget that you won’t be job hunting for a long time because the demand for digital marketers is incredibly high right now.
The reason behind it is that every marketing campaign needs to go online to be successful and reach its full potential. So if you are wondering if now is the right time to get into digital marketing and learn a new skill, here is why you should give it a chance!
The good and bad sides of digital marketing
Just like every job out there, digital marketing has its pros and cons. These can help you determine if this career path is the right fit!
The pros
Work from anywhere – Digital marketing gives you the freedom to work from home or anywhere else. You are not required to show up every day at the office, meaning you are not bound to a single place. It can open up a world of possibilities and even allow you to become a digital nomad if that is something you are interested in.
Work when you want to – Similarly, you can organize your workday yourself. It all depends on the workload and the current projects. But this flexibility can sometimes give you more extra time to spend with your friends and family.
New field – Digital marketers are usually young. If you decide to become one, you will work with like-minded people from your generation. Considering this is a relatively new career, it is not surprising that the demand for digital marketers is super high. It means you won’t be signing up for hundreds of job postings before someone replies.
High demand – As previously mentioned, the shift to digital marketing created a high demand for digital marketers. After all, every brand out there can benefit from a digital presence. Hiring someone who knows how to make fun marketing campaigns and engage with their target audience is a plus.
The salary – Finally, digital marketers can earn some serious money. Of course, it all depends on your skills and location. For instance, a digital marketing manager can earn up to $68,059 per year. Are you just getting into digital marketing? You can start with entry-level positions and move up to become a digital marketing manager in a short time.
The cons
Continuous learning – If you want to be a successful digital marketer, you need to master new skills. Exploring and researching is the key to being great at what you do. You have to be willing to put in the time every day to brainstorm new marketing strategies and keep up with the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.
New technologies – Digital marketing tools often change. You have to be ready to adapt and learn how to use new technologies to continue being great at what you do. Flexibility is crucial in this field.
Patience – A successful digital marketing campaign requires planning and patience. Setting achievable goals and having a solid plan is just the first step. Being patient and even making tiny adjustments on the go can bring in outstanding results.
Long hours in front of a screen – Sometimes, you have to sit in front of a computer for a very long time, which might not be super comfortable. While this is not a problem for digital marketers who are fresh out of college, it could be stressful for those in their late twenties or early thirties. It is not an extremely physical job, but reminding yourself to take a short walk is always good.
Is digital marketing the right career for you?
Now that we have explored the pros and cons of digital marketing, it is time to decide if digital marketing is suitable for you. You need to understand that digital marketing is often fast-paced, thanks to all the new trends you as a digital marketer should follow.
If you don’t mind researching, keeping up with the Google algorithm, and mastering new technologies, you will thrive in this field of work. Additionally, you should be both creative and capable of analyzing pages and pages of data.
The collected information can help you think of the next step in your digital marketing campaign. On the other hand, being creative is a gift that will aid you in coming up with the best possible approach. Remember that the most valuable trait you need to have as a digital marketer is the willingness to learn and explore.