What is Content Marketing and Different Ways of Content Marketing

Talking about content marketing the 1st thing we need to discuss that what is content marketing in its truest sense. The term content marketing has come to the limelight when marketers starts focusing more on the digital way of marketing than the years old traditional marketing. But it is a wrong perception that content marketing only exist in digital world.

Content marketing is there in the market since a long time even before the era of internet, we just don’t recognise it that way. Content marketing is nothing but storytelling and human loves listening stories from the ancient time if it is told in an attractive manner.

If you can represent your brand through a strong, engaging or entertaining backstory, people will relate to it and listen to it. And all big brands use this method of content marketing to achieve their success goals. Now let’s analyse what is content marketing and the different ways of it.


Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action…

This is the most effective and to the point definition of content marketing provided by Content Marketing Institute. Through this it is very clear that content marketing does not give a short term value to your business it will give a good marketing value in long terms.

Ways of Content Marketing


You know we need to discuss blog entries first. For some, brands, blog entries make up the focal piece of their substance promoting procedure. There’s a justifiable reason purpose behind this: blog entries regularly don’t take too long to compose, they’re effectively found by Google, clients are cheerful to peruse and share them, and it’s a brisk method to offer an incentive at a moderately minimal effort.

Blog entries are perfect for building associations with your perusers, which can in the end help with lead supporting and changes. Keeping up a reliable blog with visit, fantastic posts like a tech support company like Techyuga do. They do their whole branding and generate customers for their repairing service through mainly blogs.

Since blogging is the most available kind of substance showcasing, this is additionally the sort of substance that has the most potential traps brands fall into.

Youtube Videos

Video isn’t generally connected with “content marketing,” however it ought to be. It’s is dynamic, it’s drawing in, and a bigger number of clients are watching video than perusing content so we have to incorporate it in our substance advertising procedure. This is especially valid for the two instructional exercises and item content; 4x more clients would preferably watch a video about an item than read about it. Disperse video in both substance showcasing and online networking advertising efforts. The most straightforward approach to utilize them in your content marketing is to transfer them to YouTube, arrange them with blog entries, and install them in the pertinent posts you compose.


Infographics enable you to pack a huge amount of data into one picture in a way that is outwardly intriguing and effectively edible. On the off chance that you have fifteen distinct measurements from a contextual investigation, for instance, which would you rather observe: an infographic with visual portrayals, outlines, and illustrations beside the statistics, or only a bulleted list?

Of course, the graphical image will attract you much more than a mundane pointed list. So Infographics has the better chance to go viral and reach out more people.

Ebooks and Newsletters

Ebooks appear a bit of overwhelming on the first occasion when you think of them, however, they’re extraordinary lead magnets and it is an evergreen process. While they do take additional time and cash to make, you can outsource the procedure to an independent essayist who has involvement with keeping in touch with them. Ebooks can be five pages in length or thirty pages in length, however, they should offer esteem. A ton of ebooks I’ve perused invest so much energy discussing why the business promoting it is great to the point that they don’t really offer genuine arrangements. This won’t persuade clients to change over later on.

Also, you can send newsletters to your customers through email. This is also a very effective procedure of retaining customers and lead management. You can send important and useful tips through this newsletters and also can announce companies new offerings time to time.

Layout & Checklist Downloads

Layout and Checklist downloads make uncommon lead magnets. They’re significant; they’re an incredible asset that clients will use more than once, and they don’t take a great deal of time or cash to make. Offer them in return for an email membership join, advance them toward the finish of your web journals and recordings, and they work superbly. You can have a customer database through this.

There are many other ways of content marketing like- guest posting, case studies, white paper etc. All of them gives you a long-term business value without much monetary investment. If you have a strong content you don’t even need to run high-value advertisements in television. Content marketing can actually save your time and money and this is the real asset of your business and marketing strategy.