What Is Cross-Promotion? [Ideas for Your Marketing Campaign]

There are many layers to a successful marketing campaign. One of them is cross-promotion. Essentially, cross-promotion involves two brands or persons that have relatively similar audiences. They shouldn’t be in direct competition with one another but offer high-quality products that are somewhat alike.

Cross-promotion does wonders for a brand regardless of its size. It increases visibility and drives the sale numbers. Plus, it is excellent for a brand’s reputation. Of course, you need to choose your partners carefully to be successful. So let’s take a closer look at cross-promotion and give you a couple of ideas that will put your brand on the map.

Reasons to Use Cross-Promotion

Cross-promotion is a straightforward marketing strategy that delivers results immediately. A collaboration with another brand or influencer can be quite fruitful in terms of creativity too. After all, you will be working closely with each other and brainstorm various ideas that can help your business grow.

This type of campaign is relatively low-cost but will significantly impact the visibility of a brand. Selecting the right channel can improve your chance of success tremendously. As an example, YouTube is a safe bet if there is video content planned. When you want more sales, use blogs and social media. If you plan to make your brand more visible to people, stick to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Getting started

If you are new to cross-promotion, the first thing you have to do is set your goals. Do you wish for more followers on your brand’s social media? Or perhaps you want more sales and traffic on the website? It is entirely up to you. A clear goal will allow you to plan your marketing campaign correctly and create tasks for your team.

Then you need to find the right partner. Look for brands that are not competing with you but instead can complement your products or services. Always check how reliable they are. You don’t want someone who will forget about your agreement.

Also, cross-promotion means you will be endorsing the products from another brand. So make sure you are on the same page. Their products need to be top-notch because your reputation will be on the line. Followers love brands they can trust, and it is your responsibility to be open with them.  

Ideas for a Cross-Promotion Marketing Campaign

There are so many different ways to launch a successful cross-promotion marketing campaign. If you have set your goals and created a partnership, it is time to get to work!


Hosting giveaways and contests is a great way to increase your followers and reach out. A brand should do these types of promotions often because they show you care about your customers and want to engage with them. It will make your brand more approachable and relatable. Plus, get to showcase your products, both new and old.

So what exactly do you need for a successful giveaway? First of all, you have to select a prize and set the rules. Secondly, incorporate cross-promotion by sharing the giveaway on different channels. This step alone will drive more traffic to your website and social media, leading to increased sales. Finally, select a winner.

Social media posts

In today’s world, influencers run the show. They set the trends and can make or break a brand. So creating a partnership with a content creator is very clever. It is the easiest way to get started with cross-promotion. An influencer can make a post featuring your brand’s products or create a short video. Considering that more than 50% of people go out and purchase a product recommended by an influencer, the chances are your sales will very likely increase.

Additionally, brands can collaborate, especially if they make products that work well together. For instance, Colourpop, a makeup brand, often features Fourth Ray on its social media. Fourth Ray is a skincare line that preps the face for makeup. These two brands complete each other perfectly and have a similar audience.  


Podcasts have been around for quite a while now, but this medium exploded five years ago. Today, more than 150 million listeners from all around the globe tune in every month to listen to their favorite podcasts. That number alone should be enough for a brand to realize how powerful podcasts can be in a marketing campaign. Of course, podcasts are also suitable for cross-promotion.

A brand can reach out to a podcaster and send them their products if they agree. The idea is for podcasters to mention the brand in an episode. In return, the brand can promote the said episode on their social media. As a result, both sides will get a boost in followers or sales. It is a win-win situation.