Why Twitter Is Still Important for Your Business

To this very date, Twitter remains an important social media platform you can utilize to direct a targeted audience to your product and service offerings. It’s just that the methodology of gaining followers has changed. Nowadays, it’s all about reciprocity, giving value, and solving people’s problems to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

But before we reveal the latest and greatest industry practices, we’ve hand-picked a couple of statistics that should more than capture your interest.

Why Is Twitter So Important?

On a monthly basis, Twitter attracts more than 320 million visitors. This makes it one of the leading social media platforms of today. Digging deeper, did you know that the entire base of Twitter users generates more than 500 million tweets per day? The ones containing a gif image tend to get noticed the most.

This alone should be enough to make it clear once and for all: if you aren’t using Twitter as part of your business marketing campaigns, you’re losing out on a massive chunk of traffic.

How Does Twitter Help in Business Marketing?

If you still think Twitter is nothing more than a time-waster, you need a change of perspective. Not only is this where your potential followers are spending their time, but it’s also where they’re looking for solutions to whatever problems they have. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to jump in and present your offer.

And it wouldn’t be a one-time thing, either. Bear in mind that Twitter announced that the search engines will now pick up the tweets posted on the platform. So if you help a person out, not only will it shed a good light on your brand once, the tweet will remain up there for others to see the entire time. Use it right, and Twitter can become one of the pillars in your social media strategy.

A Cool New Way to Tend to Your Customers’ Needs

While having a great customer service department is as important as ever, note that people often ask businesses questions through Twitter rather than through the traditional website. Fancy it or not, it’s a trend you need to keep in mind if you aspire to stay on top of your competition.

It really does make a lot of sense if you place yourself in the shoes of your customers. Given they have a Twitter handle already and a myriad of apps installed that go with it, shooting you a message through the ever-popular social media platform is second nature to them and hence, a matter of convenience. Respond to it promptly, and you’ll earn yourself a happy customer that will be eager to come back for more.

Get a Glimpse Into Your Target Audience’s Needs

Those who aim to design targeted solutions to people’s problems know the power of market research. Harness its power, and sales will be coming in like clockwork. Fail to invest a minute of your time into it, however, and you’ll find yourself lagging behind your competitors whose products and services will be much more on-point than yours.

A good way to go about it is by typing hashtags into Twitter’s search engine. In essence, a hashtag begins with # and is a single word that describes a movement, mantra, niche, etc. It could also mark an area of interest. Either way, this will ensure that you only get to see the most relevant posts. If your social media campaign involves posting content relevant to your niche, you can also include these hashtags into your tweets so others will have an easier time discovering them.

Don’t Forget About Paid Ads

Last but not least, Twitter is another platform that allows you to drive targeted traffic through paid ads. Remember about hashtags we mentioned earlier? You could, for instance, set up your paid ad campaigns in a way that your ads only get shown to people who are searching for a particular hashtag. This way, you’ll make sure that your message only reaches the most qualified individuals.

Of course, you’re not limited to hashtags alone. To make your campaigns even more targeted, Twitter allows you to filter down your audience even more and segment it into sub groups that fall within a predefined age-range, location, and interest spectrum. Since the platform offers multiple pricing models, it’ll be well worth your while to dive into the possibilities and launch a campaign that skyrockets your business.

Due to its user-friendliness, simplicity, and to-the-point mentality, Twitter is one of the leaders in the social media sphere. Learn how to leverage it and you’ll be taking your business to another level in no time.